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    Growing up, she used to tell my brothers […]

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    August 7th, 2013

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Arranging Care

image of taking care of aging parents

Choosing to arrange care for your aging parent can be a difficult decision, especially to a child who believes they have a familial duty to care for their parent. However, that familial duty doesn't mean you must put aside your life and dedicate yourself to caring for your parent. If your parent needs more time than you can give, arranging care for them helps you and them.

Be the Caregiver

image of taking care of aging parents

Many adult children are choosing to be the caregiver for their aging parents. Sometimes this means the parent moves in with the child, and other times it means the parent stays living on their own, but nearby the child. This means the child has constant interaction with the parent, as the primary caregiver. Either is a perfectly fine choice, and it all depends on what you as the child think you can handle.


image of taking care of aging parents

Always communicate with your aging parent, whether you have arranged for their care or if you are their primary caregiver. Communicate about everything, but don't forget to listen when they respond and make sure you listen closely. Even if they are sometimes forgetful or incoherent, they are still your parent, regardless of who is caring for whom. Respect that age and the wisdom that age often brings.